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Casa Palacio Conde de la Corte

Casa Palacio Conde de la Corte is located in the centre of the locality of Zafra, which makes this establishment the perfect accommodation to discover this magnificent place.

About Zafra…

Zafra hosts a priceless historical legacy. Wandering through the town, you will find yourself traveling in time and discovering the history of this beautiful place. From the first prehistoric settlements in the Sierra de El Castelar to the Muslim presence in the Middle Ages and the subsequent Reconquista carried out by Fernando III El Santo.

The walled part of this historic town is also known as Sevilla la Chica. The wall was built in 1437 by Gómez Suárez de Figueroa to include in its interior the castle that would be his residence.

You cannot miss…

Colegiata de la Candelaria: it was built to replace the old church that was located in Plaza Grande. After some ups and downs during the construction, today the Colegiata rises imposingly in the square.

La Vieja Sinagoga: it seems that this synagogue was built in the second half of the XV century being its architecture its main attractive.

Monasterio Dominico de la Encarnación y Mina: it was built in the XV century, in this monastery stand out the church and the image of Cristo del Rosario, a work dated from the end of the XVI century.

Convento de Santa Catalina: it was founded in the year 1500 by the religious Inés de Santa Paula and in the convent can be appreciate the Mudejar style of the building.